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Can you imagine?

A world, full of unseen bacteria.

Unfortunately, that’s the world we live in.

You drop your phone on the ground, it gets covered in dirt. Your child picks up the phone after a messy meal, it gets covered in leftover food. You're taking the metro, holding onto the railings while browsing social media, it gets covered in unseen bacteria.

All of these reasons allow the possibility for your hand to touch a bacteria-infested surface and transport those diseases onto your phone….where it stays, long after you wash your hands.

Protect yourself against that harmful, unseen bacteria with PhoneFresh mobile phone wipes. These screen cleaning wipes are packed with bacteria protecting power. The PhoneFresh screen cleaning wipes use isopropyl alcohol in each of its individually wrapped packages. It’s same alcohol that doctors use to sterilize your skin.

The PhoneFresh wipe is a phone cleaner that actually works to disinfect the bacteria off a phone screen. PhoneFresh wipes use 70% isopropyl alcohol, which has been clinically tested to remove microorganisms, whether or not the screen was cleaned previously (1).

Everyone wants to feel safe and reduce the possibility of incurring a disease. Mitigate those risks by cleaning your phone at least once, if not twice, per day. If you are touching your phones up to 3,000 times every day, then you can only image what could lie on that surface!

Find your peace of mind because there is a solution. That solution is found in portable, disposable PhoneFresh cleaning wipes.

These wipes are good to be used on more than just a mobile phone screen. PhoneFresh wipes are versatile to include all portable device screens, and even glasses. Why protect one of your devices when you could protect them all?

Disinfect your mobile device screen with the PhoneFresh disinfecting cell phone wipes today. They can be found on the website or Amazon!


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PhoneFresh uses the same ingredients doctors use to sterilize the surface of your skin. Enjoy peace of mind knowing each wipe will keep your products clean and streak free.


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