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Doctors say wash your hands…and your phone?

Doctors tell you to wash your hands several times a day, but who tells you to wash your phone? Pathogens like E. Coli, MRSA, and Streptococcus have been known to collect on phone screens. It’s important to know that you should clean your phone & how to clean your phone. No one should go about their day felling worried about catching an illness due to bacteria found on their phone.

Why should you wash your phone? Your hands may be the biggest culprit for putting bacteria onto your phone’s screen and case. As mentioned above, your hands carry so many bacteria and you aren’t aware of it! Your hands transfer those nasty bacteria onto your phone screen and case. Be sure to not only wash your hands several times a day, but wash your phone, too. It’s recommended to wash your phone 1-2 times per day, and best to do so right before falling asleep and in the afternoon.

How do you wash your phone? Below you’ll find a recommended way to wash your phone!

Apple and other phone manufacturers recommend you turn off your phone before cleaning. That way you can press hard to get rid of the tough, sticky residue without pushing a billion buttons or turning on the displays. Regular cleaning is almost necessary, (remember the bacteria?) especially if you have a rubber phone case. Bacteria tend to cling more tightly to that rubber, sticky material. It’s recommended washing your phone 1 to 2 timers per day. Choose when you’d like, but most people prefer in the afternoon and right before falling asleep, so you wake up with a good-as-new fresh phone! Then you can start your day #phonefresh

Using materials soaked in alcohol produce the best effects at disinfecting a phone screen. Some use a spray and cloth, but that get’s messy. PhoneFresh antibacterial phone wipes have 70% isopropyl alcohol because that’s what doctors use to sterilize your skin and medical equipment. It’s proven effective and sanitary. PhoneFresh wipes are individually packaged and come in 10 and 20 packs. Share 1 or 2, Take 3 or 4! You can use them at home and on the go because you never know what bacteria you could be bringing home.

Knowing how to properly clean your phone gives you the peace of mind you need to use your devices without worrying what bacteria it may be carrying.

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PhoneFresh uses the same ingredients doctors use to sterilize the surface of your skin. Enjoy peace of mind knowing each wipe will keep your products clean and streak free.


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