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Raise your hand if you bring your phone EVERYWHERE.

Did you know that “61% of people admit to using their phone while on the toilet” (1)! Are you one of them? Let’s say you are, and let’s say you wash your hands (as we hope you did!). Did you remember to wash your phone, too? After all, your phone was in that same bathroom stall.

Whether or not you bring your phone into the bathroom, it’s still well-known that if you use your phone at the dinner table, it’s equivalent to eating bacteria from TEN toilets! (1) The bacteria found on your phone seems to be never-ending. Don’t let these facts scare you! Peace of mind can be found in cleaning your device regularly with PhoneFresh mobile phone wipes.

Talking about bacteria can make people uncomfortable. We’ve all been sick before, so we can all relate to a time we’ve suffered from bacteria-induced illnesses. It brings back memories of sitting on a couch, huddled in a blanket, watching repeat tv shows, drinking hot tea meanwhile aching from a pain that just won’t go away.

Can we ever remember what caused us to be so sick? Was it a friend, the coughing from that stranger sitting next to us, or even our kids… with all the unpredictability in the world, it’s comforting to find a solution in PhoneFresh mobile phone wipes. These wipes offer a powerful disinfecting formula that assures safety with every swipe. At least we can be sure that we aren’t getting sick from the bacteria found on our phones!

You don’t have to worries anymore about how to clean your phone or which disinfecting wipes to use. The best bet is in PhoneFresh!

Why should you use PhoneFresh wipes?

To prevent bacteria-induced illnesses, it’s a wise decision to take preventative action. PhoneFresh wipes help you take care of yourself and those you love the most by keeping all of your mobile devices safe from bacteria. Bacteria from public places such as transportation and restaurants, bathrooms, and the bacteria that gets transferred from your own hands.

What are PhoneFresh wipes?

They are mobile device cleaning wipes. Within each individually packaged wipe is 70% isopropyl alcohol. That’s same alcohol doctor’s use to sterilize your skin. These cell phone disinfecting wipes have formula trusted by parents, doctors, and researchers.

When should you use PhoneFresh wipes?

Any time you’re out in public for long periods in the day, any time you bring your phone to the bathroom (which we definitely don’t advise!), any time you go to sleep, any time you eat. If all those times are too often for you, then just try to incorporate it two times a day into your daily routine. Then you’ll never forget to disinfect your phone!


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PhoneFresh uses the same ingredients doctors use to sterilize the surface of your skin. Enjoy peace of mind knowing each wipe will keep your products clean and streak free.


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