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Stay Safe over the Holidays

As this Christmas season approaches, many changes come along with it. People are more active as they go out to buy presents, prepare meals, and clean homes. 'Tis the season for Christmas presents, which means new things come in as old things go out.

Allowing for presents and people to come into your home could also mean welcoming in foreign bacteria. Stay safe this season with PhoneFresh screen wipes. These disinfecting wipes keep your mobile devices safe from your nephew's newest slime ball or your aunt with a terrible cold.

If you're looking to keep peace of mind in your home, try a few of these sure-fire examples of keeping healthy and happy this season:

1. If you haven't begun to decorate for Christmas, don't worry! Take the extra time to clean as you prepare for the holiday that's right around the corner. Get rid of the dust, disinfect those uncommon places, and bring back a fresh feeling into your home with the holiday spirit.

2. Although it's important to disinfect every surface area, be sure to tackle those that are most frequently visited. Take a wipe and quickly sweep over door handles, kitchen tables, and faucet handles. Even cleaning it once every few days (or better yet, once a day!), you can create a peace of mind knowing that bacteria won't be clinging there.

3. Give out PhoneFresh wipes as stocking stuffers and party favors. It may not be the most expected gift, but it shows that you care about keeping your loved ones safe from bacteria this holiday season. Phones are taken everywhere, they're used even at holiday parties! So keep yourself, and your friends, safe from spreading bacteria by sharing PhoneFresh disinfecting wipes.

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PhoneFresh uses the same ingredients doctors use to sterilize the surface of your skin. Enjoy peace of mind knowing each wipe will keep your products clean and streak free.


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